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Quantitative and Molecular Plant Breeding
3 ECTS in MSc Life Sciences – Prof Cécile Ben
Plant breeding is one of the most important science and technology developed by humankind.
In a context where reductions in chemical inputs are required by societal demand and national and international regulations, but where the demand for raw materials continues to increase to cope with demographic change, the genetic improvement of plants contributes to answering these major challenges, while integrating them into a sustainable development policy.
The course on 'Quantitative and Molecular Plant Breeding' surveys the most suitable and efficient methods and tools available to the breeder for plant genetic improvement and new varieties development, from the evaluation of the genetic values of genotypes to classical breeding schemes dependent on the plant reproductive biology and Marker-Assisted Selection (MAS). Special attention is also given to the breeding program for disease resistance.
This course is implemented on a skill-based learning and active pedagogy approach where each concept and method is illustrated during hands-on on practical real case studies tutored team mini-projects or reversed classes. It trains executives specialized in plant breeding and the creation of plant varieties.
Course team
Laurent Gentzbittel