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The adaptive methodology of integral indexes of soil stability developments
The project addresses the fundamental problem of assessing the anthropogenic impact on soils' ecosystem functions and developing science-based integrated sustainability indices.
Soil health and sustanability
Project: 20-74-10102
Soil health index
The approach to soil health assessment allows us to assess the complex physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil cover.
Soil sampling methods
We developed the MaxVol algorithm for representative soil sampling based on remote sensing data, terrain features of the studied territories, and machine learning methods to improve accuracy.
Sensitivity analysis of soil models
We conduct soil processes simulations on a supercomputer and assess which soil parameters have the most significant contribution to the soil system's variability.
About Soil Sustainability
Project supported by RSF foundation
Results and publications
Skoltech, EDSEL
  1. Shadrin, D., Nikitin, A., Tregubova, P., Terekhova, V., Jana, R., Matveev, S., & Pukalchik, M. (2021). An Automated Approach to Groundwater Quality Monitoring—Geospatial Mapping Based on Combined Application of Gaussian Process Regression and Bayesian Information Criterion. Water, 13(4), 400. IF=2.250, Q1. pdf
  2. Yudina, E., Petrovskaia, A., Shadrin, D., Tregubova, P., Chernova, E., Pukalchik, M., & Oseledets, I. (2021). Optimization of Water Quality Monitoring Networks Using Metaheuristic Approaches: Moscow Region Use Case. Water, 13(7), 888. IF=2.250, Q1. pdf
  3. Petrovskaia, A., Ryzhakov, G., & Oseledets, I. (2021). Optimal soil sampling design based on the maxvol algorithm. arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.10337. pdf
Organizations and partners
Russian Science Foundation
Russian Science Foundation was established on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation to support basic research and development of leading research teams in different fields of science
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.