Skoltech Digital Agro
Core team
Environmental Data Science and Engineering Lab
Laurent Gentzbittel
Full Professor, Head of Digital Agriculture Laboratory
At Skoltech, we are developing research that includes whole-genome approaches to efficiently integrate high-throughput genotyping and phenotyping into breeding processes, and for gene identification for traits with agronomic and domestication importance, to foster innovation. Genetics and genomics-based approaches, with heavy use of field and animal data, biotechnologies, bioinformatics and statistics.
Cécile Ben
Principal Research Scientist
Plant Protection and Animal Health
Mariia Pukalchik
Assistant Professor
ML and AI for plant phenomics
Sustainable soil assessment and management
Crop yield simulation and climate changes
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The smartest people work every day from round building
Polina Tregubova
Research Intern
Geostatistics and Soil science
Anna Petrovskaia
PhD Student
Machine learning and Geoscience
Mikhail Gasanov
PhD Student
Agricultural processes optimization
Sergey Nesteruk
PhD student
Computer Vision
Ivan Matvienko
PhD student
Svetlana Illarionova
PhD student
Remote sensing, Machine learning
Elizaveta Chernova
Research Intern
Digital Agriculture
Elizaveta Kiseleva
Master Student
Computer vision
Mariia Akulova
Research Intern
Soil Science
Nikita Stasenko
PhD Students
Computer vision and plants phenotyping
Liliya Lemikhova
Master Student
Data Science
Dmitrii Vypirailenko
Master Student
Data Science
The smartest people work every day from round building
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